How to Get Rid of Mice in Your Basement

Getting rid of mice has grown into a normal task for most home owners regardless of where you live. Being that house mice are generally very tiny and quick they are able to move around in your house with a lot of ease. This raises a lot of concerns on the best possible way of getting rid of them as they tend to be a real menace particularly in secluded regions of the house such as the basement. Therefore as soon as you realize that basement mice in your home have become a major problem try implementing the following simple steps to get rid of the mice. You will need to have bleach cleaner, spray foam insulation as well as several mouse traps in order to successfully
execute all the mice.

Thoroughly clean your basement from top to bottom. Get rid of trash and clean everything else that stays in the basement. This is important because mice tend to take advantage of a mess to hide themselves. Therefore, the cleaning
limits the hiding palces for the mice and also increases chances of you finding and removing them in the process. It is at this point that you get y\to use the beach cleaner to counter the effects of mouse droppings that are potential disease.

Check around the perimeter of the basement for cracks and holes and fill then up properly in the process. Keep-in mind basement mice are very tiny and simply require a small space to access and hide with the basement to make periodical messes. Use the foam insulation to fill the openings and spaces you find. The foam is the most suitable to use because it makes a tight seal that helps keep away future mice and other potential pest threats.

Check around your house for any clutter that might be in direct contact with the foundation of your home and clear it. Such regions are normally a perfect place for mice to hide leaving them with a simple task of figuring out how to get into the house.

After all this set mouse traps all over the basement as well as the surrounding areas. You can choose to set up-human traps or the common traditional snap traps. For all these use peanut butter for bait. Make sure make routine checkups on the set traps severally.
v You also choose to use mouse poison which is also considered to be a perfect way of eliminating basement mice. Though this is only applicable to those who don’t have other pets that might unknowingly eat the dead mice. v\. Eliminate all the potential food sources for the mice. These include taking care of food crumbs through regular vacuum cleaning, emptying food cardboards and finally storing all the food stuff in plastic sealable containers.
For those who are looking for a shorter and relatively faster way of getting rid of basement mice, setting up electrical traps serves as the best option though it has been noted o be relatively involving and require a lot of resources. Following the above steps guarantees you a complete elimination of basement mice as you will have practically countered all the possible options that give mice access to the basement region of your house.